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About Saudi Archidon Contracting company

We are pleased to introduce Saudi Archidon company in Engineering, Fabrication, Integration, Contracting and Maintenance intended for Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power Generation & Water Desalination located in Jubail, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Archidon company is a World-class business initiative by a team of experienced professional, based in Jubail, Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, It sets its self on voyage of great customer service and satisfaction. It aims to provide a world-class industrial experience to its clients from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all over the world. Saudi Archidon is growing to become one of the largest and most well-known Engineering and constructions firms in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Archidon Departments are equipped with up to date software & hardware. It’s production facilities include state-of-the-art equipment & machineries with highly skilled & dedicated man power, complying with quality, safety and reliability across its wide range of products and solutions, makes us an industry leader.
Saudi Archidon hasa plethora of various sources and a proven record for bringing the best results on schedule and within budget as an architecture and construction leader through its operational entities. Saudi Archidon's scale and experience give our customers and partners the stability, dependability, and know-how they expect — as well as the adaptability and overall maximum benefit they deserve. The Saudi Archidon's compliance program's overarching purpose is to support the Firm in meeting key regulatory requirements that pertain to the company's operating model


To provide high quality, safety and reliability for wide range of products & service es through our highly skilled & dedicated employees and State-Of-The Art Production Facility
Our philosophy is putting our trust in our employees and our valued customers have proven to be the cornerstone of our success. Our clients' mutual trust has resulted in the delivery of excellent services and the attainment of entire solutions. On behalf of the Saudi Archidon Company, we'd like to express our gratitude for their continued trust in our abilities. We pledge to keep delivering quality solutions while exceeding our goals.


To become the top construction company by continually producing projects that exceed global standards and provide outstanding customer service.
To consistently provide outstanding value and innovative building solutions to our consumers.
Saudi Archidon Company anticipates being the preferred choice at all times, both nationally and internationally, for their Known excellence, quality, performance, and dependability in all types of structures, using current concepts and sophisticated technology.


Our values are our principles, which are more than just words to us; they're how we try to live each day. They set the bar for how we do business ethically and sustainably, allowing us to be a trustworthy friend to our clients. Our ideals are brought to life through Archidon's values.
Our Values specify how we should behave in relationships with coworkers, customers, societies, and other stakeholders. It gives Saudi Archidon's workers practical advice on how to live according to our values, particularly Act Ethically and

Quality Policy

For Saudi Archidon, the customers (without considering the size of their project) are of utmost priority. That is why we deliver a detailed note on how we are going to accomplish the project’s objectives. Our quality assurance tactics offer complete confidence and satisfaction.
Goal-Oriented Performance
Our performance is utterly goal-oriented & customer-dedicated. That is why we progress in such a way to offer quality deliverables.
Our set of services revolves around our respected customers and their needs. We establish such a plan that completely resonates with clients’ needs and requirements.

General Manager Message

Saudi Archidon has made significant investments in its staff. Our employees and clients are the foundation and soul of our company. We have accomplished numerous difficult projects, including high-rise structures, perplexing chemical projects, residential projects, and power plants, by working together in a highly productive environment