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About Saudi Archidon Contracting company

We are pleased to introduce Saudi Archidon contracting company in Engineering, Fabrication, Integration, Contracting and Maintenance intended for Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Power Generation & Water Desalination located in Jubail, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Archidon company is a World-class business initiative by a team of experienced professional, based in Jubail, Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, It sets its self on voyage of great customer service and satisfaction. It aims to provide a world-class industrial experience to its clients from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all over the world. Saudi Archidon is growing to become one of the largest and most well-known Engineering and constructions firms in Saudi Arabia.

Main Scope of Services

Project Management

Since the start, Saudi Archidon's founding mission has been industrial development. We have been capable of supporting our customer's infrastructure with greater flexibility and efficiency than ever before thanks to this mission as well as the steady expansion of our manufacturing sites.

Construction Management

Saudi Archidon's hard and soft facility management services enable it to combine all of the necessary procedures to build and maintain appropriate industrial practices, culminating in the efficient operation of its clients’ facilities

Mechanical Works

The division is led by professionals and staffed by engineers as well as support personnel capable of accomplishing and completing any form of mechanical project, including pumping water and wastewater treatment plants and lift stations, electricity distribution, power generation, and installation and maintenance of power stations.

Electrical Work

Saudi Archidon provides every type of power work, fire alarm system, cathodic protection, communication paging system, power generator and substation, wiring, and calibration with loop test.


All products fabricated & integrated in our work are supported by In-house engineering department, which is equipped with up to date software & hardware. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, machineries and highly skilled man power.


Structural steel facilities is equipped with machineries, equipment and highly skilled man power. Company provides complete Design, Connection Design, Erection drawing etc. Steel is controlled by project & logistic team ensuring on-time delivery of the following Structural Steel: a) Pipe Racks b) Equipment Structure c) Building Structure d) High-rise Building Structure e) Boiler Structure f) Stadium Structure g) Miscellaneous Steel Structure


Since the start, Saudi Archidon's founding mission has been industrial development. We have been capable of supporting our customer's infrastructure with greater flexibility and efficiency than ever before thanks to this mission as well as the steady expansion of our manufacturing sites. Saudi Archidon is capable of giving our clients highly effective projects by following strict industrial safety regulations, rigorous quality procedures, and comprehensive control and planning plans.- Saudi Archidon provides mechanical, structural, and civil construction to the petrochemical, hous- ing, industrial plants, power plants, chemical plants, pipeline, and downstream industries.
Saudi Archidon has been instrumental in assisting nations with the establishment of their oil and gas infrastructure ever since the beginning.
The world is experiencing a diversity of power sources and production methods that are constantly CVolNalalen
Saudi Archidon has extensive expertise with businesses and the public sector organizations in Africa and the Middle East in developing and implementing water and utility plans.Saudi Archidon provides a comprehensive and adaptable range of design and installation solutions for industrial operations.
Clients both from the private and public sectors may rely on the Saudi Archidon radical approach and excellent engineering talents, regardless of their area of expertise - industrial, commercial, or military. Sauid Archidon analyses its tactics periodically to maintain cost-effective, high-quality, and environmentally friendly responses to customer needs.
A strong infrastructure is the foundation of any successful economy. The sector has seen enormous expansion in the Middle East over the years, particularly in the last generation. This sector is still important in Saudia Arabia, especially for rural and distant communities.
Saudi Archidon scaffolding services serve you with safe and compatible type of scaffolding services required for the job with their skilled and experienced team.
Saudi Archicon uses following types of Scaffolding for the site activities such as Insulation works, Blasting painting, Structural /Piping/Tank erection, Plant Shutdown etc.
1. Unilock/cup lock scaffolding
2. Tube and Coupler Scaffolding


The Saudi Archidon fleet of equipment can be quickly transported to any place in Saudi Arabia. Our equipment portfolio is maintained and managed by skilled drivers and operators with experience in earthmoving, excavating, and transporting.

  • Cranes
  • Welding Machines
  • Air Compressors
  • Forklifts
  • Manlifting
  • Scissor Lift
  • Generators
  • Boom Trucks
  • Bobcats
  • Earth Movers

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