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Since the start, Saudi Archidon's founding mission has been industrial development. We have been capable of supporting our customer's infrastructure with greater flexibility and efficiency than ever before thanks to this mission as well as the steady expansion of our manufacturing sites. Saudi Archidon is capable of giving our clients highly effective projects by following strict industrial safety regulations, rigorous quality procedures, and comprehensive control and planning plans.- Saudi Archidon provides mechanical, structural, and civil construction to the petrochemical, hous- ing, industrial plants, power plants, chemical plants, pipeline, and downstream industries.
Saudi Archidon has been instrumental in assisting nations with the establishment of their oil and gas infrastructure ever since the beginning.
Saudi Archidon's competence in process capacity additions stems from its pipeline competence and close ties to the petroleum industry. Archidon has worked on fertilizer plants, gas-oil separation plants, pumping and compressor stations, production facilities, oil terminals, refineries, general gas treatment, catalytic reforming departments, and ammonia gas sweetening plants as a result of these connections.
The world is experiencing a diversity of power sources and production methods that are constantly CVolNalalen
Saudi Archidon has an outstanding set of skills in Power industry. Archidon has experience with a variety of plants, covering gas as well as steam production on an efficient or combined cycles basis as well as the implementation of balancing of plants and necessary utilities and infrastructure.
Saudi Archidon has extensive expertise with businesses and the public sector organizations in Africa and the Middle East in developing and implementing water and utility plans.Saudi Archidon provides a comprehensive and adaptable range of design and installation solutions for industrial operations.
Clients both from the private and public sectors may rely on the Saudi Archidon radical approach and excellent engineering talents, regardless of their area of expertise - industrial, commercial, or military. Sauid Archidon analyses its tactics periodically to maintain cost-effective, high-quality, and environmentally friendly responses to customer needs.
A strong infrastructure is the foundation of any successful economy. The sector has seen enormous expansion in the Middle East over the years, particularly in the last generation. This sector is still important in Saudia Arabia, especially for rural and distant communities.
Saudi Archidon has been developing its experience to know in the sector of house building since its beginnings. Speedy and safe recovery is always the main goal, whether it's through program management or direct building.
Saudi Archidon achieves good operation & maintenance expenses by creating customized solutions and deploying skilled staff. In reality, when working on construction works, a team of high engineers directs design efforts toward creating an ergonomic design that is easier to run and maintain.
Inside plant (ISP) and Outside Plant (ISP) engineering and communications design for mission critical and high bandwidth infrastructures such as fiber backhaul, FTTx, enterprise, fiber-to-data centers, and campus systems are provided by Archidon.
We pay the same kind of care and attention to almost every aspect of our work, whether it's designing the foundation and construction of a cell tower or the lighting and plumbing systems of an office building. Through site acquisition as well as licensing through last-mile fiber design, we are indeed a single point of contact.
During its centuries of operation, Saudi Archidon has maintained a strong presence in this industry. Indeed, the company has been involved in numerous important infrastructure and civil advancements. Whether it's roadways, buildings, ports, contaminated water, or network infrastructures, Saudi Archidon has completed a lengthy number of projects that have upgraded its stakeholders’ infrastructure and services.
Saudi Archidon scaffolding services serve you with safe and compatible type of scaffolding services required for the job with their skilled and experienced team.
Saudi Archicon uses following types of Scaffolding for the site activities such as Insulation works, Blasting painting, Structural /Piping/Tank erection, Plant Shutdown etc.
1. Unilock/cup lock scaffolding
2. Tube and Coupler Scaffolding