Main Scope of Services

Project Management

Since the start, Saudi Archidon's founding mission has been industrial development. We have been capable of supporting our customer's infrastructure with greater flexibility and efficiency than ever before thanks to this mission as well as the steady expansion of our manufacturing sites.
Saudi Archidon is capable of giving our clients highly effective projects by following strict industrial safety regulations, rigorous quality procedures, and comprehensive control and planning plans. Archidon provides mechanical, structural, and civil construction to the petrochemical, housing, industrial plants, power plants, chemical plants, pipeline, and downstream industries.

Construction Management

Saudi Archidon's hard and soft facility management services enable it to combine all of the necessary procedures to build and maintain appropriate industrial practices, culminating in the efficient operation of its clients’ facilities

Mechanical Works

The division is led by professionals and staffed by engineers as well as support personnel capable of accomplishing and completing any form of mechanical project, including pumping water and wastewater treatment plants and lift stations, electricity distribution, power generation, and installation and maintenance of power stations.

Electrical Work

Saudi Archidon provides every type of power work, fire alarm system, cathodic protection, communication paging system, power generator and substation, wiring, and calibration with loop test.


All products fabricated & integrated in our work are supported by In-house engineering department, which is equipped with up to date software & hardware. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, machineries and highly skilled man power.


Structural steel facilities is equipped with machineries, equipment and highly skilled man power. Company provides complete Design, Connection Design, Erection drawing etc. Steel is controlled by project & logistic team ensuring on-time delivery of the following Structural Steel: a) Pipe Racks b) Equipment Structure c) Building Structure d) High-rise Building Structure e) Boiler Structure f) Stadium Structure g) Miscellaneous Steel Structure


We provides complete Plant services including Repair, Retrofitting, Modification, In-plant and Shutdown Maintenance Services. Our Services include Design, Fabrication/Modification and Erection at site for following services: a) Pressure Vessel — Rerating, retrofitting, cleaning, hydro-jetting, repair & modification Storage Tank — Cleaning, hydro-jetting, repair and modification as per API 650/653 d) Heat Exchangers - Retubing (Shop/Site), cleaning, hydro-jetting, maintenance e) Furnace Super Heaters — Supply and fabrication, repair and modification f) Air Coolers — Cleaning, nozzle replacement and repair of tubes g) Columns — Cleaning, hydro-jetting, replacement of tray support rings, tray floors and other repairs and modification


We manufacturer, supplies & erect underground and aboveground utility Tanks and accessories for the safe storage of water, fuel, oil, and other hazardous liquids. Tanks division is incorporated with the latest and most advanced design & manufacturing technology with engineers, fabricators and welders committed to provide client with the highest quality tanks in full compliance with regulatory codes and fulfill clients’ requirements. In addition, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and our industry-leading logistic team ensures the on-time delivery. Our storage solutions for the oil and gas, power, water, wastewater, minerals and mining industries include: Atmospheric Storage Tanks as per API 650: A) Fixed-roof 1) Self-supporting/supported cone roofs


Saudi Archidon scaffolding services serve you with safe and compatible type of scaffolding services required for the job with their skilled and experienced team.
Saudi Archicon uses following types of Scaffolding for the site activities such as Insulation works, Blasting painting, Structural /Piping/Tank erection, Plant Shutdown etc.
1. Unilock/cup lock scaffolding
2. Tube and Coupler Scaffolding


Insulation and It’s importance.
“The basic consideration of insulation is to prevent energy loss from process equipment’s and pipelines to offer better efficiency.”
SAUDI ARCHIDON has a very effective insulation division. Customer satisfaction is our hallmark. So, as per the requirement of our customer, we are proficient in developing and fitting insulations through various studies and experience. It is our practice to execute the projects undertaken within the time frame. We are always ready to assist our customers in realizing and executing even the most complex insulation projects with solid planning and timely intervention. The insulation services we use for energy conservation of industries are reliable and long lasting as they are innovative, advanced technological and modern in applications. It includes the following services.


Why Sandblasting?
‘’Rust, Corrosion is the major problem that we faced in a metallic industrial sector. This is why Sand blasting technique is used widely in industries to prevent corrosion. This is the process of smoothing and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles along the surface at high speeds using compressed air.’’
SAUDI ARCHIDON can work with excellence in Blasting, surface preparation, coating and painting while maintaining high quality and eco-friendly solutions. To that end, proper procedures, equipment, and facilities are in place to support a dynamic workforce monitored by our painting inspectors and quality engineers. Our approach to all projects is with the fundamental objective of extending the useful life of our customer’s industrial and commercial assets.
Coating Services @ SACC:


HVAC Services and Their Importance
“HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) services are a range of services that help control indoor environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, and air quality. These services are critical in ensuring that residential, commercial, and industrial buildings are comfortable, safe, and healthy.”
SAUDI ARCHIDON is a leading HVAC services company in Saudi Arabia that offers centralized and industrial air conditioning solutions for any building type. We are a stop-shop for all your HVAC needs that take care of all aspects of the project, from design and sales to execution and installation. Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to handle all kinds of HVAC systems by ensuring that your building is comfortable, safe, and healthy. At SACC, we are committed to providing total HVAC solutions to our clients. We understand that each building is unique and, therefore, we take a personalized approach to each project, ensuring that the HVAC system is suitable for the specific needs of the building.